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Neurodiagnostic Testing

Specialized testing at Morton Plant North Bay Hospital helps differentiate neurological conditions from other conditions with similar symptoms. Data from these tests helps our physicians determine an accurate diagnose to begin appropriate treatment.

Our neurodiagnostic testing services include:

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG) - An EEG is a test to detect abnormalities in th electrical activity of the brain. Brain cells communicate by producing tiny electrical impulses. In an EEG, electrodes are placed on the scalp over areas of the brain to detect and record patterns of electrical activity and check for abnormalities. An EEG is used to help determine the function of the brain at a particular time. Diagnoses and symptoms such as seizure disorders and epilepsy, head injuries, tumors, infections, degenerative diseases, confusion and metabolic disturbances affect the functioning of the brain and the EEG is used to help localize abnormalities and aid in treatment.
  • Evoked potential tests (EPs) - EPs measure the transmission of electrical signals from peripheral nerves, such s the median nerve in the wrist, to the spinal cord all the way to the brain. EPs can be used to aid in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis by measuring the time it takes signals to travel from the eye, through the visual pathways in the brain. Other types of EPs are used to measure problems with the auditory (hearing) pathways or problems in the spinal cord.

All tests are conducted by qualified and certified technologists and are interpreted by neurologists so that we can provide the most appropriate care for our patients.

For more information about our neurodiagnostic testing services, please call (727) 725-6451.